Water Street River Park

The Town crew has mowed some of the park area, so that the engineers' stakes are visible. These stakes mark the (draft) line between the upper/lawn area of the park (closer to the street), and the lower/meadow area of the park (closer to the river). There will be a slope downward at about this line. If you take a walk along Water Street, this should help you get a sense of the size of the two areas of the park, and how they'll be laid out. Although, in the next draft of the plan, look out for this line to get some more curves to it, and a natural ramp cut across it, to have less of a rigid boundary. 

To learn more, please join some of the project leaders on one of three Walking Tours of the park scheduled for 9:30, 12:30, and 2:00 on Labor Day. That's right: right before the parade, right after the parade, and again after lunch.